ZWear is a turn-key wearable platform with Bluetooth BLE, GPS and accelerometer.

ZWear Platform

ZWear is the world-first development kit for wearable device, which supports Over-The-Air(OTA) coding. Our as-low-as-$25-cost solution is only the size of a quarter, includes Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, a 3-axis accelerometer, GPS and much more, and is small enough to fit virtually any design. ZWear is production ready, helps you pack your own idea into a product.


ZWEAR is Ready for Your BIG Idea 

Developing hardware and writing firmware can be difficult and time-consuming. ZWear can speed up your development process, allowing you to implement your own wearable idea easily.

Developers, hobbyists, manufacturers – ZWear is a perfect fit, helping you achieve your dream, easily and effectively. Grab the iOS example code from GitHub, modify it, and you’ve created your own app and wearable product.


OTA Coding by RevolutionaryZOS IDE Runs on iPhone/iPad 

ZWear comes with the ZOS firmware embedded, which features ZOS IDE (Integrated Development Environment), the first IDE to run on iPhone/iPad supports OTA coding. The ZOS IDE allows you to access firmware source files, modify the firmware, and then program it straight from your iPhone or iPad.

Using ZOS IDE to work on a ZWear device requires only two steps:

1. Scan to find a ZWear device

2. Write code and program it to the device

You can customize your ZWear firmware in just minutes.


As Small as a Quarter and Ready for Production

ZWear is just the size of a quarter, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features. It includes everything necessary for your wearable project.


Avoid time-consuming, costly prototyping – ZWear is ready for production immediately.

Examples of ZWear in Use

a. ZWEAR in a wearable watch,

b. ZWEAR and GPS module in a golf ball


 ZWear and GPS module  fit within a golf ball comfortably.


ZWear: A Modular, GPS-Ready Wearable Platform 

1. GPS module is ready with easy FPC cable connection.

  2. Other pin/extensions are available.

  We included a photo sensor, buzzer and motor.

  3. DEBUG module is ready for use.


Developing your own API is easy. Simple API example code can be found on GitHub.

All API functions are implemented as delegate. The first function is called when ZWear is connected with an iPhone.


The second function is called when accelerometer data is ready to read. The third function is to read GPS data.


Download ZOS IDE for Firmware Development Right from the App Store

Ready to customize the firmware? Download our revolutionary ZOS IDE right from Apple’s App Store to your iPhone. Then create a test account and start development. We even offer a test account for standard development in this campaign.

Professional Hardware and Software, Ready for Advanced Development 

We’ve included a USB SmartRF05eb lite debugger and accessories to connect with ZWear main boards. Our kit also supports professional software for measuring signal strengths, controlling hardware directly, such as SmartRF Studio, SmartRF Programmer and IAR Embedded Workbench, which can be free download from TI.

Here’s a look at IAR Embedded Workbench’s UI, when debugging a ZWear board:


Different ZWear Kits for Different Needs

a. Our ZWear standard kit includes the ZWear main board, necessary accessories and a Li-Poly battery:

 b. Our ZWear Prime kit includes the ZWear main board, necessary accessories, battery and a GPS module and cable:


  c. Our ZWear Professional kit includes the ZWear main board, necessary accessories, battery, and the SmartRF05eb lite USB debugger and cable:


 d. Our ZWear Prime Professional kit brings everything together, and includes the ZWear main board, necessary accessories, battery, GPS module, and the SmartRF05eb lite USB debugger and cable.




a. Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)

b. Hardware open-sourced

c. 12-channel GPS ready (optional)

d. FCC certified

e. PCB is golden-plated

f. Micro/tiny Form-Factor

g. Ready to ship

h. Sample iOS Apps open-sourced

i. No firmware development needed

j. The platform is field programmable


1. Based on TI’s BLE SOC chip CC2540/CC2541

2. 256KB flash memory + 8KB RAM.

3. Bluetooth 4.0 BLE stack & Firmware pre-loaded

4. USB micro rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

5. 2 analog/digital I/O pins + UART + for extensions

6. Debug pins for full firmware develop

7. two RGB LEDs

8. One coin vibration motor

9. One Buzzer

10.  3-axis accelerometer

11. 12 channel GPS module is included (optional)

12. Micro push-button